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Business Signs

We design, fabricate, install and service many different types of signs, including but not limited to:

Channel Letters

Also known as a standard front-lit channel letter sign, this option is bright, bold, and simple to read from far away. This has made it the most common type of dimensional channel letter. Normally fabricate as standard 5” deep. But we also can make in 4” and 3” deep. Front-lit letters are lit from the front/face of the logo and for each letter; we can match pretty much any colors faces, these signs are widely used for any storefronts, retail, commercial and industrial buildings, restaurants, and more.


Illuminated Backlit Signs

LED-backlit signs work well both indoors & outdoors, whether day or night, the excellent halo effect makes your sign always be the focus, fit for business, building, and home.


Monument and Pylon Signs

Monument signs are being used for all types of applications and many municipalities are only allowing monument-type sign displays as they are lower to the ground than a typical free-standing pole sign and are more architecturally designed to fit the look of your business and bring more street presence. And Pylon signs are often called pole or freestanding signs. Basically, they are signs erected on a pole or pylon independent of any building or structure. Since they are typically mounted higher in the air than monument signs, pole signs offer excellent visibility from a distance.


3-D Cut Letters and Logos

Dimensional lettering is an effective way to grab attention and guide customers to your place of business. Durable, yet economical, our dimensional lettering can be made in varying depths depending on the material you choose.


Cabinet Signs

Illuminate your brand and location, day and night, using lighted cabinet signs. Also commonly called “wall” or “box” signs, cabinet signs are a traditional form of illuminated signage. Cabinet signs allow for an effective way of utilizing large copy areas and eye-popping graphics.


Vinyl Signs & Car Wraps

Cut vinyl decals are an inexpensive and versatile way to promote your message or display your logo for any corporate facilities, reception area, retail stores, art gallery space, or event!


Hand-Painted Signs and Murals

With the convenience of computer-generated signs, sign painting is considered to be the purest art of our industry. There was a time, as recently as the early 1990s, when storefronts, murals, banners, and billboards were made by hand with brush and paint.


Interior Signs

Interior signs can be designed for lobbies, offices, conference rooms, etc. These signs produced are limited only to your imagination. While many interior signs are now regulated by ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) this type of signage must address many other issues, such as flexibility for future expansion, ease of installation, and maintenance.


Push Through Signs

Push-through letters are made by routing a shape in a sheet of metal (the face) and then routing the same shape (only smaller) from another material, often clear acrylic. The face is placed inside a cabinet and interior illuminated sign. The effect is very dramatic and creates a very high-tech or sophisticated look.


Blade Signs

Blade sides are usually hanging signs that drop over a walkway. They are traditionally flat, but they do not have to be, and they should be visible with the flow of traffic from the street or sidewalk. They get their name because of the way they look projected over the walkway – like a blade.

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